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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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there is an existing ramp next to our building, which needs to be demolished for the project. you do not need to demolish the. there are other properties next to the ramp that are actually closer to us. we are thinking we are being unfairly treated. lastly, we urge the board to vote against it at this time.
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we can take it up later or we can postpone this vote until a future date. thank you. >> thank you. if i could ask the next honor to stand korean -- owner to stand. >> i have an ownership interest in parcels being taken. number one, number two, #4 common -- 4, and parking spots. i have 10 minutes, but i plan on not taking 10 minutes. i want to say that in the past three months we have closed on construction financing on two projects, creating 290 units.
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estimates are that we will hire 150 people. we think that is going to apply across all the trades during of we are happy we are contributing to local hiring. i am an absolute supporter of the train extension and high- speed rail carrier our properties -- high-speed rail. our property has been hindered for almost a decade now, and i am glad these have never been taken. we have had a difficult feat leasing these. we have been unable to refinance. i am glad we are finally here
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before you discussing this. we have two significant issues. i constructed both of the buildings that are referenced, and it is unfortunate they have already purchased the unit, and the price paid for that unit was 59% on a per square foot basis carrier -- basis. i do not understand. it is a huge disparity on what is happening. we anticipate this process will go through and we will still be debating value. the issue at hand is sparking,
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-- parking, and if i could just show you the two buildings -- this is 580 howard. this is the electric building. it does rehabilitated in 1997. immediately behind that is 85 natoma. a share of property line. youwhat is happening is they alo need to take the parking at reside on the land -- that reside on the land. the parking comes in and close to its own property.
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-- and goes to its own property. and my contention is they are greatly impacting the ability to continue to operate in a reasonable manner during the day have already taken one of the 15 units and closed on the transaction earlier this year, and they leave that for approximately 50%, so they undercut all of our units, which is a hardship upon us. they will have a significant impact on our ability to read superior -- to rent.
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the project plan is to construct an elevated bus routa5 feet away. there are projected to be tens if not hundreds of buses traveling on this ramp per day, and there have been no measures for sound on our property, because the ultimate plan is to take howard. -- 580 howard, and demolish it, and construct a train extension. they are greatly destroying our ability to to lease it by driving, taking all our property, and now constructing this bus route 5 feet away from our property lines with no sound mitigation measures.
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this is our elevated bus routes. it is within 5 feet of the property line, and the graphic shows the elevated bus ramp going on to our property, so i am not sure how that is happening. my point is they are damaging to us. why are we being so damaged by this process? it seems the only reason they are not taking the whole property is for the current value of money. i am here to encourage you to stop damaging to us. >> are there any other property owners who wish to speak?
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seeing none at this time, if i can ask if there are any members of the public to oppose any of these resolutions? if you wish to speak, please step up. seeing none at this time, if i can invite the staff for up to 10 minutes of rebuttal. >> thank you. to quickly go through some of the issues, they have mitigated the steps by designing the project in such a way. none of the properties are being used for development of any sort. they are being used for infrastructure on the project. all of the properties before you were identified for acquisition in the environmental impact report, which was adopted in 2004, so since then, the owners
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have known these properties need to be acquired for the project. 4 howard st., we have been in negotiations for almost four years. we have made our first offers in 2007 and made additional offers. each offer has gone down in value because real estate has gone down in value. we are using the same of presser's -- appraisers for all the projects. it really does come from the fact that the one we did purchase was filled at a much higher grade, a much better finish. i do take exception to the comments they have been intentionally trying to be difficult with these owners.
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we do not have final designs yet. we do not know exactly where the bus routes will be, but we know that we need to acquire the property. it may shift the matter 3 inches or 4 inches, but it is going to be 15 or 20 feet into the property. >> are there any questions. supervisor daly: -- supervisor dufty: i want to disclose that patrick was my client for several months. i would like to come back to a couple of points. my understanding is it is a 15- unit building.
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they were exceptional in comparison with the rest of the units. i think what he is trying to understand is if there are plans that call for the acquisition of this building, and why not acquire it now? if the potential is there for a bus route, it is going to be close to that property. is there not some rationale that would make you want to consider acquiring it? >> we can take into consideration. it has been twofold. we have tried not to acquire property because of the likelihood that we would probably not use it.
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second, it is a cash flow issue. in particular, office buildings are in excess of $1 million each. the property does not have the cash to acquire this. we can take a look at this and see if there is any way we can get the opposition. in particular, to see if there is any way we can reuse the property, but he is right that if needs to be acquired to demolish from 580 all the way to the corner. it needs to be excavated. in likelihood, which will not need that property for another
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six or seven years. >> he testified that he will no longer have a parking access. the parking enters on natoma, but that is another devaluation of the building. i understand the value of money over time. it is difficult for everyone. >> to recognize taking the property values its. we are purchasing that by acknowledging the change in values of front, richard up f--
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up front. >> he retains the units. >> correct. >> i do appreciate your willingness to talk about the bigger issues. it does seem like a difficult set of circumstances. supervisor alioto-pier: continuing the conversation, if you are having a problem renting out for selling the unit as a result of the city's movement and actions and negotiating, we are incumbent to help him, so i would like to reiterate what
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supervisor duffy has said. if there is something we can do, i think we should do that. it is clear our actions are impacting the ability to rent or sell this. supervisor chu: i think one of the comments made about the 564th through 568 properties said there was some ambiguity and around the need to acquire both properties completely. you said it was acquired in 2004 and that negotiations began four years ago as the two properties always been part of that region for years ago. have the new properties always
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been part of that? >> they are part of the acquisition of the anti your property. >> any additional questions or comments hamadi's -- or comments? this item is closed. and the items are in the hands of the board, and i will tain and -- obtain the motion from board members. >> my understanding is that we need to take these issues one at a time, so if we could first vote on item 29. [calling votes]
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>> there are a less than -- 11 ayes. >> this resolution has been adopted. item 30. the resolution is adopted. item 31. this resolution is adopted. item 32 -- this resolution is adopted. item 33 -- this resolution is adopted. item 34 -- this resolution is adopted. item 35 -- this resolution is
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adopted. item 36 -- this resolution is adopted during a item 37 -- is adopted. item 37 richard this resolution is adopted. item 38 -- this resolution is adopted. item 39 -- this resolution is adopted, and the last item, item 40 -- of this resolution is adopted. all of these resolutions have been adopted. if we can no go back to general public comments. >> the next item is public comment, the opportunity for the public to address the board for
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two minutes, including items on the adoption and excluding items which have been considered by a board committed. speaker seizing transitional assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. if a member of the public would like to document displayed on the screen, please request such. first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and some gunmen, good afternoon -- ladies and gentleman, good afternoon. from all my heart, i wish merry christmas and happy new year to all of you. for everybody, no matter what he is, you are in this holiday -- i wish you good luck. saturday i called to my family, and they gave me good -- and bad news. i lost my granddaughter, as you seen her picture. she had a heart attack like me -- 28 years, and i said before,
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i am going to make it, and i hope that you'll allow me to have a heart clinic to help support people who have a heart attack like me. i had a heart attack, but i always pray and thank god for those who helped me. ladies and gentlemen, i wish you give me a chance and support. my dream can come true if you can help me. i would like to have our heart clinic. it is her name, egyptian- american foundation. i do that because i want to save the lives for many people who
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have my own problem like me. if there is a heart attack for a young man like me, i survived by your support. thank you, god bless you, and a half feet new year for all of you guys. >> stop the corporate rate of the public library. do not give money to the friends and foundation. do not accept money from the franzen foundation. they propagate the myth that we owe the corporations gratitude for ripping us off. then they protect their status by destroying whatever democratic institutions there used to be. public records show that last
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year the donation to the library dropped 29%. at the same time, the executive director's salary went up 19%, and the total employee payroll went up 18% from 2.1 million to 2.4 9 million, said the increase of 498,000 was more than the total for the library curator -- for the library. we know that in the years since the bond issue, the private fund raisers have total income of 31 with $7 million. during the same time, the total donations to the library was $
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3.1 million. the point is they had no agreement for the city because they would not submit to an examination of their finances by your finance commissioner, said they operated without city oversight. it takes a lot of abuse and secrecy to make that more respectable than the public interest. the damages to the democracy and good faith of our society the lives of money. -- belies the money. >> ♪ i read about the news ♪ laughing, smiling, staring into space ♪ shiny, have been -- happy meals
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were vannanned -- banned ♪ the rest is up to you sharing meals and food ♪ ♪ help the human race ♪ shiny, i have been -- happy meals have been banned ♪ ♪ the rest is up to your ♪ of the human race -- help the human race ♪ ♪ shiny happy meals were baned ♪ ♪ with a mayor like that, you
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know you should be glad ♪ ♪ with a mayor like that, you know you should be glad ♪ >> next speaker. >> thank you, walter curator -- walter. i am coming concerning some issues in my community. i came here in 1974, and i used to live in it louisiana. i never dreamed i would be in san francisco, but i am here today. i am here today concerning
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police brutality. when the corruption happens, the court makes money, and i want for corruption to stop. we have police officers who give drugs to young children. i want it stopped. i want change. we want change. yet i went to school for legal work, being a legal secretary i never dreamed i would do that, but i did it. the lawyers i went to would not help me, so i helped myself, and then when i went to san francisco state university, i joined the alumni association,
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and they give you permission to go into any library you want to go to, and i went into the law library, and i got institute -- interested in the 14th amendment, and that interested me so much, and i watched the court system, how it has violated in so many ways, how they are sending so many young men who have no money, telling them they have three strikes. that is unconstitutional. >> thank you very much. >> the good afternoon, members of the board. my name is anthony. i have been a resident since 1989. i have been a newscaster since i have been a newscaster since 1994.


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